I saw this video that was these ppl talking about nna and I was like I shouldn’t watch this this is a bad idea but I started watching it and they were like “there are 5 main characters” and were like “tsumugu manaka hikari kaname and tsumugu” like…..they said tsumugu twice and didn’t even mention chisaki but they apparently had seen the whole series how can you see the whole series and forget chisaki she’s so important????? Smh

gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun

we biked the 10 mile triathlon track today and I finished it in 43 minutes can I get a hell yeah

that one “body positive” song that isn’t really body positive at all is on the radio???

fuck that level where u had to defeat the giant manta ray that would divide into billions of little rays whenever u sprayed it

why hasn’t there been a super mario sunshine remake type thing for the wii REALLY THO

Delfino Plaza
Super Mario Sunshine
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Delfino Plaza - Super Mario Sunshine

my sister is staying out past her curfew cause out parents won’t be back until like 11 or 12 and she was like “well if they get home before I do I’ll just tell them I went out to get us drinks”

….u can’t tell them u went and got drinks and then come home without any drinks omg

we swam the water part of the race 2day and I made it out in 17 minutes I was literally all up on coach’s ass the whole time and everyone else landed at least 2+ minutes after me and ugh I’m so angry he doesn’t think I can complete the stupid race in under 3 hours I’m gonna show him